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World Top 10 mobile phones in the world at 16-03-2013

     The following list features the top 10 mobile phones present on the Earth. No matter, which operating system they possess, this list is made by keeping in mind all the features of the phone , operating system and of course the value for money  part……..Lets have a look at it and also find is your phone in the

Top 10 Mobile Phones In The World At Present

10. Iphone 4s
Yes, this is rightly the Most Amazing Iphone Yet. Apple has upgraded iphone and has put many important and noticeable features that are best in its class. The phone now powers a mighty Dual Core processor and enhanced graphics. The new addition is a natural voice recognition SIRI virtual assistant that interacts with you .The 8 Megapixel Camera on 4s is undoubtedly the best camera we have seen on a phone yet.
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Galaxy S2 juggernaut is undoubtedly a masterpiece from Samsung. Samsung has shown its superexcellence by creating this phone .This phone has given unprecedented sales to the company and has positioned Samsung on the summit. What  we like about this phone is just too much. The phone features a very good quality 8 Megapixel camera that is capable of taking FullHD 1080 videos.The excellent Super Amoled Screen provides realism and vivid colours. The super fast Dual Core processor can handle any of the task. In nutshell , Galaxy S2 excells in every department and even the price.

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In a nutshell , HTC One S is one of most impressive phones on Earth. This is because it packs the super powerful 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor.Moreover , the high quality 8 Megapixel Camera is also present which is capable to take FullHD 1080 videos.The Beats Audio adds another taste in the entertainment category . And not to forget our favourite HTC Sense UI is there to enhance our user experience………
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7. Sony Xperia T
Sony Xperia T manages to impress everyone and the features it is packed in is just too many. Moreover, the new processor i.e. Dual Krait competes excellently even in front of Quad Core family also. Moreover, the shatter proof and scratch resistant, Mobile Bravia Engine Powered HD screen also adds another statement to its style. This flagship phone from Sony is really a deal breaker if it will be priced some less.
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Nexus 4 is really an outstanding phone from Google. Google has proved its excellence by this phone. The beautiful and elegant design , a wonderful screen and latest operating system from Google i.e. Jelly Bean adds another taste this phone. And the best thing is its price which makes this really a definite pick in the top 5.

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In a nutshell Iphone 5 is really a stunning phone with loads of features and good hardware quality. Iphone is clearly the most talked about phone of the year. Iphone 5 is similar to Iphone 4s but with larger screen ,thinner body and more bigger and faster processor. And in one line , Iphone 5 is the best phone from the Apple’s list.
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Galaxy Note 2 is the most feature rich device we”ve ever seen. This device is filled with loads of features which makes this multifunctional device at the 3rd spot. Galaxy Note 2 with its bigger screen and much powerful processor is clearly the most powerful mobile handheld device on earth. If the screen of this device would  ”ve been a little smaller then it would definitely topped the chart. In a short note , Samsung has showed its excellence to the world by launching this device.
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HTC One X possesses the first in class , Quad Core processor that provides the beast like power to the phone. The phone offers all the latest and top hardware as well as software . The  4.7-inch Super LCD 2 display, Android 4.0, HTC Sense 4, and an 8-megapixel camera with HTC ImageChip is really a game changer here.
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2.  Galaxy S3
Galaxy S3 holds the charts of Best Mobile and Samsung has turned no stone unturned to make it the best mobile phone in the world. Galaxy S3 is the  complete blend mighty Hardware and futuristic and fuctional softwares. This superphone packs with a powerful quadcore processor with an awesome 720p Super AMOLED screen and also massive battery for efficient use.In a nutshell Galaxy S3 simplifies your task to buy a the best smartphone at a very competitive price.  You can check out the unique features and specs of this phone here.
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1. Xperia Z

Bang ! Bang! Bang !!! and Xperia Z is really a bang in 2013 from Sony . Xperia Z is undoubtedly the Most Sexiest, Beautiful and Powerful Smartphone till date. At present Xperia Z can be clearly called as the Bugatti Veyron Of Smartphones. One of its kind FullHD Screen, 2GB RAM, and 13.1 MP Camera with Bravia Engine 2 proves that it clearly a Superphone. And not to forget the IP 57 certification – dust resistant and water resistant  means that this Geeky Smartphone is durable and sturdy too. In one word, Xperia Z is phone you would like to show-off in front of everyone.

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