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CHOLESTEROL Controlling foods

How to reduce cholesterol in diet:

        Your husband has been diagnosed with high cholesterol and has been advised to follow a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Now comes the challenge for the lady of the house – to serve healthy and tasty foods. This is as hard a task as changing the eating habits acquired over the past years.

           It is a wrong notion that the more oil you use in cooking, the tastier the food. If you can follow the tips given below, your meals can be satisfying and healthy too! And believe me it is worth the change. It is also time to change the habits of everyone in the house and teach the younger generation about eating healthy.
Foods to restrict/avoid
            1. Rich pastries, 2. doughnuts, 3.croissant, 4.deep fried snacks and sweets, 5. cream, 6. butter, 7. ghee, 8. mayonnaise, 9. shrimps, 10. liver, 11. sausages, 12. hamburgers, 13. red meats, 14. full cream milk and 15. yogurt, 16. kheer, 17. condensed milk, 18. evaporated milk, 19. all full fat cheeses, 20. fast foods, 21. coconut oil, 22. palm oil, 23. Restrict use of coconut milk, 25. dessicated or fresh coconut.
Foods allowed
1. All kinds of vegetables, in any amount. 

 2. All kinds of lentils. They contain good amount of protein but no saturated fat.  
3. Whole eggs – 3 times a week and one at a time. 
4. Choose chicken (skinned), and all kinds of fish prepared in any way but not deep fried. 
5. Fat free milk and yogurt and low fat cheeses Fruits – at least 3 in a day. 
6. Eat any citrus fruit when you feel the need for a sweet. 
7. Use sesame, mustard, olive, sunflower, soyabean, oil in cooking. 

Not more than 2 cups coffee per day.

          As you know, there are two type of cholesterol in human blood – one is good or HDL and the other is bad or LDL. The objective of cholesterol diet is to increase the level of good cholesterol and reduce the level of bad one. The bad cholesterol or LDL is responsible for blocking the arteries, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease to a great extent. The following guideline on cholesterol diet will help the patient to balance the cholesterol in right way.

Reduce or Eliminate Bad Fat

       One has to be very careful particularly about the saturated fat and trans fat, as these are considered as bad fats. The saturated fat is mostly found in animal meat, whereas the fried and readymade processed foods are rich in trans fat. For fulfilling the protein requirement, one has to depend on trimmed-fat lean meat portion, skin-less poultry or fish with less oil. Even low-fat dairy products can also be considered in this respect.
  Low Cholesterol Diet
According to recent study, foods rich in healthy fat like unsaturated fats help to raise the HDL level by lowering the LDL. Foods like avocados, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans etc are rich in monounsaturated fat, whereas sunflower seed, flaxseed, walnuts, corn, soybean etc are good source of polyunsaturated fat. Certain fish including salmon, herring, tuna and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which is also very effective in controlling the cholesterol level.

Increase Fiber Intake

          Foods rich in dietary fibers help in burning calories by increasing the rate of metabolism. This process effects not only in lowering cholesterol level, but also in reducing body fat. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are best sources of dietary fibers. To enjoy the best benefit, one has to include sufficient portions of these foods, in the daily cholesterol diet. On top of these major tips, one should also stop smoking and control the level of sugar, sodium and alcohol consumption.

How to cut down fat and cholesterol in the cooking:
· First of all change the daily menu and opt for foods that need lesser oil, lesser coconut products and no frying.
· Use oats to thicken soups as they do in the MiddleEast.

· Instead of cream or coconut milk, use ground paste of nuts or skim milk. Or even a little low fat paneer ground to a paste makes the dish both tasty and healthy.

· If you insist on using eggs, use one whole egg and the other only the egg white. Even in baking you may do so without affecting the texture of the baked product.

· You can cut down on 30 % of the given fat in a recipe and still get a good tasty dish.
· De-skin poultry and remove all visible fat before cooking. If you need to cook red meat, then cook in sufficient water, chill and skim the fat layer that forms on top. Then continue with the preparation.

Cholesterol Diet Exercise

 Most importantly, exercise - Half hour of walking 3 times per week.

          High level of cholesterol is a serious threat to healthy living, which can be combated only through right cholesterol diet exercise program along with prescribed medication. If followed religiously, the cholesterol diet and exercise routine can become so effective that one can even reduce or skip medication. 

Cholesterol Exercise

Regular exercising is another important part of cholesterol diet exercise program. Here Cholesterol Exercise
are some tips to follow for making the exercise program more effective.
  • Exercise consistently at least for 30 minutes a day to enjoy the best results.
  • Brisk walking is the best exercise among all choices, as you can do it on your pace. Jogging, swimming or biking can also be similarly helpful in controlling the cholesterol.
  • You need to increase the duration of exercising, slowly but steadily, without exerting yourself too much.
  • Any physical activity or sports can also be fruitful instead of normal type of exercise.
  • Joining a gym under experienced trainer can also find you better result in cholesterol management.

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