Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March 6

Dentist's Day


Dentist's Day is a day to display a big, toothy smile. After all, your Dentist plays a role in that big, bright smile. He's an important person in keeping your smile bright, and your teeth and mouth healthy.  

           If your Dentist is such an important person, then why are we so scared of the next dental visit? Is it perhaps the fear of discovering a cavity? Maybe, he will find the beginnings of gum disease?  The fear of the dentist ranks right up there with.... the fear of pulling teeth! 
Among the ways to celebrate today are:

  • Giving your dentist a big "TY"
  • Sending your dentist an Ecard or stationary card
  • Making a dental appointment(if you haven't been there in a while)
  • Start using dental floss daily
  • Improving your daily dental care routine
  • Showing off your great smile

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