Saturday, 30 November 2013

December 1 World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day, observed on 1 December every year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. Government and health officials observe the day, often with speeches or forums on the AIDS topics. Since 1995, the President of the United States has made an official proclamation on World AIDS Day. Governments of other nations have followed suit and issued similar announcements.
AIDS has killed more than 25 million people between 1981 and 2007, and an estimated 33.2 million people worldwide live with HIV as of 2007, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. Despite recent, improved access to antiretroviral treatment and care in many regions of the world, the AIDS epidemic claimed an estimated 2 million lives in 2007, of which about 270,000 were children.
World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter, two public information officers for the Global Programme on AIDS at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Bunn and Netter took their idea to Dr. Jonathan Mann, Director of the Global Programme on AIDS (now known as UNAIDS).
Dr. Mann liked the concept, approved it, and agreed with the recommendation that the first observance of World AIDS Day should be 1 December 1988.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tooth Decay and cavities Remedies from Home by Natural Ayurvedic

      Based on the principles of Ayurveda (the ancient Indian science of healing by completely natural) its non-invasive, and can be prepared at home.
NOTE:- Consult your doctor without fail if The symptoms persist.
Tooth Decay: Tooth decay is a major cause for tooth loss which may leads to other side effects like stomach upset etc.

Few Important Causes for Toot Decay:

1• Excessive consumption of sugary and starchy food
2• Bacteria in the mouth convert the sugar into acids 
3• Acid combines with food particles to form plaque
4• Plaque leads to cavities which if not treated can lead to loss of tooth