Saturday, 11 May 2013


These are more than 100 Years Older Photographs of INDIA

A colonnade in the Temple of Dilwarra, Rajesthan, India

Charming Naldera, favorite retreat of Lords Lytton and Curzon
Headquarters of British agent
A land of romance - State barge of H.H. The Maharaja awaiting for Lady Curzon at Museum at CASHMERE, INDIA Cruickshank Road. E.S.E past Municipal Bulding to Victoria Terminns, Bombay, India.
Yogees at GOLDEN TEMPLE, Amritsar, INDIA
A Parsi Schoolmaster and his class of Boys, Island of Uran, N.W.Toward Bombay, INDIA A Poor Cripple's ox-cart, Calcutta, India A Rickshaw of the wealthy - at entrance to Christ Church - Simla, INDIA
A busy street in Delhi, India A Hindu Cemetery, INDIA Hindu housewives grinding flour with traditional Rock Made Grinder, INDIA
Devotee of Lord SIVA called AGHORI's Mythical Practice East Wing Tiger Cave - a Wonderful Rock hewn Temple at phanta, INDIA Crossing Jherum River by a bridge of three ropes, GARLI, on Murree rout in Kashmeer, INDIA
Celebrated Man Singh Palace, at GWALIOR, INDIA (The fort covered with carvings and enameled tiles) Hindu Pilgrims bathing in sacred well of Lord Vishnu at GANGES, BENARUS, INDIA Entrance to Tomb of Akbar, Sikandarah, INDIA.
Jains worshipping at Central Shrine at Nempath Temple, Dilwarra in INDIA Fount of Ablution, Mosque Jama Masjid, Delhi, INDIA Betorn Christ Church at Simla, INDIA 
Humble shawi-weavers at Cashmere patiently creating wonderful harmonies of line and color INDIA (THEVAACHIS) Crowd watching a performing bear, Jaypore, INDIA India's Pride, the TAJMAHAL, AGRA, REFLECTED IN THE JAMUNA RIVER
Athletic native diving from the top of a 50 Feet tower to tank below at Fatehpursikri, INDIA Hindu bride and bridegroom, at BOMBAY, INDIA Handsome schoolboys of Amritsar at the Golden Temple beside the Holy Tank
Cottage of India's Subber Resort of Lowrie's Hotel at up Jakho Hill, Simla, INDIA Shepherds tenoing their sheeps at indu place at famous dilwara's templein india Grotesque fancy and patient skill of Hindu sculptors - pillars of the Temple Madura, INDIA
Beautiful country around Dilwarra Temples, INDIA
Cows enjoying at their rest place in Calcutta, INDIA Inflating Bullock-skin Boats-for crossing the swift Himalaya River at Sutlej River, INDIA
Corridor in Cloisters of Tomb of Akbar, Sikandarah, INDIA
Hindu funeral procession, bystanders and quaint native shops, AGRA, INDIA Aghooris (Dedicated Devotees of Lord SHIVA) by the Gandesh, BENARES, INDIA

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